Would you like to become a distributor?

Are you an experienced marketing genius? Do you take great pride in good customer service? Are you looking to improve your marketing skills? Do you have the necessary financial resources to become a distributor? Can you demonstrate strong market knowledge?

If your answers to these questions is YES, an opportunity to become a Mama Lemon distributor may be right for you.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of being a dealer or a distributor are many. As a distributor, you get to handle a specific territory, with exclusive rights to sell Mama Lemon in that area. Competition for sales of Mama Lemon, therefore, is non-existent with sales territories. Also, we provide our long-term distributors with point-of-sale materials. Sometimes we may offer the benefits of a credit card program and a national warranty as well.

Application Request Form:

Fill the form below to submit an application for distributorship. Please note that your application will undergo some form of evaluation, followed by an interview, before your distributorship request can be granted. Please endeavor to provide us with valid contact information.